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Guest’s Code of Conduct

Full SPA is proud to provide our guests with a unique service in our amazing facilities.

For your own benefit, we request that this code of conduct be duly observed and respected:

  1. Each of our massages is unique, and this formidable sensual experience is designed to be very well received and appreciated by our guests. Let the therapists do their job at ease and simply enjoy the best massage in the world!
  2. Respect always the personal will of each professional and her instructions, do not exceed the boundaries defined by each therapist.
  3. Our therapists are dedicated and trained professionals. They are not escorts, nor do they provide any kind of social or sexual services. We advise guests to respect the professional pride of our massage therapists and please restrict yourself from requesting sexual services.
  4. Each one of our massages is designed to build a unique intimate experience. Full SPA provides cleaning of its facilities with its own disinfectants. The therapist will maintain perfect sanitation and take a shower before and after each massage. We also ask to the guest to take into account the need to maintain perfect personal hygiene and respect the obligation to take a shower before the massage. The better the hygiene, the better the therapist’s involvement and her willingness to provide an extraordinary experience to our guests.
  5. Full SPA operates under a strict policy regarding non-compliance with this code of conduct. We respectfully ask guests to be aware of the importance of maintaining a perfect record of hygiene and behavior in order to benefit from access to our services.

 Reservations and Information:

(+351) 214 100 763*

*(Call to nacional fixed network)