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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Sensual Massage?

A sensual massage is a massage where the massage therapist massages guest’s entire body, intensifying physical contact in order to explore beauty, erotism and sensuality of bodies so that the massage becomes a unique moment of pleasure.

What is a body to body massage?

A body to body massage is a massage that consists on using the entire body of the massage therapist in a sensual way to massage the guest. Without taboos, or prejudices guest’s entire body is stimulated. It is an intense massage, where guest’s will be delighted by therapist’s movements done in an elegant and seductive way, providing an unimaginable pleasure.

Can I have a therapeutic and sensual massage at the same time?

Full Spa is a massage center parlor specializing in combining therapeutic massage with sensual massage and body to body massage. We have several types of massages, some more therapeutic, others more sensual where the customer can choose what they please.

What is a Lingam / yoni massage?

The lingam massage (for men) and the (yoni for women), consists of a massage focused on guest’s genital area. Tantric movements, where erogenous points are manipulated and varies between soft and subtle movements in order to promote a pleasure that gradually increases until reaching ecstasy. Without haste, the goal is to enjoy the moment of pleasure to the maximum.

Are your masseuses formed?

Our therapists are trained in our massages, following the principles and guidance of “Bali Massage School and Djamoe Bali School”.

We are very proud that our therapists can provide an excellent massage therapy an excellent sensual massage.

Can I choose the masseuse?

Yes. You can choose a therapist to do the massage with. We provide photos online, but you can choose your female therapist when you are in our facilities. For male therapists please book 24h in advance

Can I see your therapists online?

Yes. We have online photos of our therapists, but you can choose your therapist when you are in our space.

Can I freely touch therapist?

Yes. You can touch the therapist. You can see the degree of interactivity possible in each massage in massage details. However, we thank you for always respecting the personal will and instructions of each professional, do not exceed the limits defined for each massage.

Do Men Have Massage Therapists?

Yes. We have male therapists, who can massage women or men.

I am a woman; can I have a massage at your massage parlor?

Yes. We love having women in our massage center. You can opt for male or female therapist. All of our massages can also be enjoyed by women.

I’m a man, can I have a massage at your center with another man?

Yes. Just make your reservation mentioning that you want a male massage therapist. All our massages can be done with male or female massage therapists.

How far in advance can I book a massage?

You can dial as far in advance as you wish. We suggest that you book at least 30 minutes in advance.

Can I show up at your address without an appointment?

Yes, you can appear at our place without reservation. However, we advise you to make your reservation 30min in advance to ensure that we have availability to attend you.

Can I go with a group of friends to your SPA?

Yes. You can bring several friends. We like groups. We only ask that you make the reservation in advance in order to guarantee our availability.

We want to reserve your facilities for our group / company. Is it possible?

You can reserve our full facilities and have a restricted group of people receiving massages in our parlor. Call us for more information.

Can I book a masseur to go to my hotel or my house?

In order to guarantee a quality service, it is not possible to provide services outside our massage center.

Can I stake a shower at your facilities?

Guests should take a shower before the massage, for the therapists to perform their work properly. It is also recommended that guests take a shower after the massage. Several clean towels and toiletries are provided for this purpose.

Do I need to bring anything for the massage? Towel, slippers, etc.

No need to bring it. We provide clean towels for each bath, as well as shower gel, shampoo and various other toiletries for guest to use.

What is your Hygiene and Cleaning policy?

At Full Spa, we excel in hygiene. That’s why our facilities are daily cleaned and properly sanitized with our own products. Balinese showers, tatamis, marquees and swimming pools are also disinfected daily.

Our massage therapists take a shower before each massage.

Do you have hygiene products available for the customer to use?

Yes. We provide clean towels for each bath, as well as shower gel, shampoo and various other toiletries for the customer to use.

What is your privacy and confidentiality policy?

We guarantee total confidentiality and privacy. Our guests will not cross with any other guest within our premises. Our therapists are discreet and are bound by professional secrecy and confidentially. We do not collect or store any personal data of our guests. We only collect email address if guest wants to receive our newsletter.

May I invite your therapist to go out with her?

Our therapists are massage professionals. They are not accompanying or providing sexual services. Please restrict yourself from requesting contacts or making improper invitations to our professionals.

Can I request sex at your facilities?

Full Spa is not a sex place. Our therapists are professionals trained in the art of sensual massage but no more. We ask our guests to respect the professional pride of our therapists and to avoid requesting any kind of sexual service.

How do I receive your news and promotions?

Simply insert your email at the top or end of our webpages. You will receive all our news, information, promotions and special offers to registered guests. There are promotions that are exclusively dedicated to guests that receive our newsletter.

Can you send me your prices?

We do not disclose on our website nor by email our price list, because we always have several promotions going on. However, we can inform that our prices start at 100 €.

Can I smoke in your space?

No. We comply with legislation in force in Portugal on this matter and we want to maitain a clean atmosphere. Our rooms are equipped with aromatherapy diffusers, in order to always maintain a fresh and sensual environment.

Can I pay with bank cards?

Yes. We accept payments in cash, debit card or credit cards (VISA, Mastercad)

I belong to a company and need an invoice. Can they issue invoice?

Yes. Just request the invoice to us, giving necessary data, when making the payment. The invoice will be sent later to your email.

Can I offer a gift massage? How do I do?

Yes you can offer a massage to another person without having to go to our facilities. Call us for more information.

 Reservations and Information:

(+351) 214 100 763*

*(Call to nacional fixed network)