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Full SPA intends to guarantee the safety of everyone, but without forgetting the comfort of our customers, in order to have an excellent experience, as is usual in our SPA.

We have always invested a lot in hygiene care of our space and therapists, as well as in the cleaning of areas, after each client, in the use of disposable products, in the washing of towels by specialized companies, etc. So we don’t have to change our usual procedures too much.

Still, we decided to reinforce our care with some special measures,  and test our therapists regulary, so that our client can do his massage with total confidence.

Please see below the rules that we must comply with for everyone’s safety:


Rules for Everyone’s Safety:

Space and Therapists:

Our entire team is frequently tested to Covid and the results are available for our clients in our reception. 

Our entire space is cleaned, sanitised and disinfected at the beginning of each day. In addition we redoubled the cleaning and disinfection of the space after each client, namely the massage tatami, common areas, showers and rooms as well as areas of greater use. This work is done with branded products and recommended for this purpose, as we always have.

We measure the body temperature of our therapists several times a day.

Our space is ventilated several times a day whenever possible.

As is also usual in our spa, all towels are washed by a specialized company, respecting official recommendations.

Our team follows all the official recommendations of the DGS and reinforcements in hygiene care, namely frequent hand washing, use of masks, rules of social distance, extra care in transport, etc.

Our team was duly informed, by us with the support of the health and safety company we work with, of all safety procedures and rules, which must be complied with.


Our clients:

At the entrance, hand hygiene with alcohol gel is mandatory.

The use of a mask is mandatory. A disposable mask will be provided free of charge if the customer does not have one.

The sole of the shoes will be disinfected at the entrance so that the customer can enter comfortably and without the risk of contaminating the SPA.

A quick measurement of body temperature will be performed.

Our massage menu and prices are available electronically via “QR Code”, so that the client can see the massage menu on their phone

It is mandatory to have a reservation in order to be served. – (Make your reservation at nº +(351) 214 100 763)

If you want any further clarification on these rules and others that we comply with, you can ask us your question.

Thank you.

 Reservations and Information:

(+351) 214 100 763*

*(Call to national fixed network)